Fire Safety Training in Patna | You must know the nature of fire

Fire is our enemy and friend both. It can save us and also kill us in many ways.


“Try to become a friend of fire, and not become an enemy. If, unfortunately, you become then you must learn how to overcome.”

And we are the perfect trainer of such a fire disaster. We practically train you when, what and how to do if fire has crossed it’s limitation. By our training, you will save yourself,  your belongings, buildings, offices, factories etc. You can save your city, society and country. You will save yourself as well as others. After training you will get a certificate by which you can get a job in this field. You can make your career in this field. For complete details please visit our website ( “This Training Will Make Your Life.”

If you do not keep the right information about the fire, then it is not too late to make the living life as ash. On this very page, we will inform how to escape from fire disaster. awareness of fire-safety and prevention in the workplaces can save lives. We, from DYNAMIC Institution of SKILL DEVELOPMENT, provide you complete training and ADVANCED DIPLOMA in FIRE SAFETY and ADVANCED DIPLOMA in INDUSTRIAL SAFETY (HSE). This will help you in your life anytime and anywhere. Even you can make your career in this sector after completing this course.

Here we are giving you some basic information about FIRE SAFETY AWARENESS:-

We use fire on daily basis in several ways such as cooking food, heating ourselves in winter, lightening, landscape modification etc. If we don’t use fire carefully then it cause for us a great harm. Generally we use “FIRE EXTINGUISHERS” for putting out small fires. But, for using the “Fire Extinguishers”, you must have complete awareness when is the right time to use it and how to use it. Sometimes, fire can be too danger to use  “FIRE EXTINGUISHER” because you get delay in notification to the fire department. If fire is spreading quickly, may be because of some flammable materials ignited, you should not try to put it out yourself and you should get out immediately.


You need an extinguisher at all places wherever a fire may occur. You must know that there are four types of fire extinguishers. They are followings:-

“A” type of extinguishers for combustible materials such as paper and wood.

“B” type of extinguishers are used for flammable liquids.

“C” type of extinguishers are used for electrical fires and

“D” type of extinguishers used for fire related to metals.


For your safety, you must keep an extinguisher in your garage for flammable liquids. You should also keep it in the kitchen for local fires. This is also necessary for a Factory and a company. They should also keep  “Smoke Alarms” so that a fire could be detected at a very early stage.


Don’t hide in the room if it’s on fire, but go outside. No one should play with fire, matches or lighters. A child must be taught about fire and the tools used to create fire and also he must be taught that matches and lighters are not toys. Everyone should report fire dangers immediately. No one should keep flammables near a heater or an unattended candle.  Everyone should take care not to plug too many items into a single electrical outlet.

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