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We know how much our work is important. But, the safety is much more important than that of our work. Because, if we ignore safety then it may cause for us very dangerous to our life. And in simple sense we know that our life is the most important thing in the world. No one wants to loose one’s life.

“Nothing But Safety Can Save One’s Life”.

Safe working atmospheres are based on how beautifully the workers adhere to and communicate about safety standards.

Here we are giving you some tips of “Safety Management“:-

  1. a) Consciousness about Surroundings: Basically this step is required to know the specific threats of your workplace. You always need to be aware of Machinery.
  2. b) To Put Right Situation To Secure Your Back: If you are lifting things up then use correct form so that your back does not get hurt. You should avoid bending and turning.
  3. c) take breaks as per requirement: If you don’t take a break when necessary then you will be tired and then you will not be adhere to the surroundings and all. This may cause very dangerous to you. So, if the task is difficult then you should schedule to do that in the morning because your concentration will be best when you do that as the first work in the morning.
  4. d) Make use of Tools And Machines Appropriately: Don’t take shortcuts. Make the correct use of Tools and Machines.

“Using Tools the Right Way can Dispatch the risk far away. ”

“To Take Shortcuts may cause for a Great Hurts.”

  1. e) To Keep An Emergency Exit Easily Accessible: You need to quickly exit in case of an emergency.
  2. f) Inform an Unsafe Conditions To Your Seniors: If you find any unsafe situation, you need to inform quickly to your seniors.
  3. g) As per requirement, Use Mechanical Aids:- If there is something very heavy weighs to lift, use a wheelbarrow, conveyor belt and forklift etc.
  4. h) Become Sober:- Do not work after taking alcohol. It may lead to any number of risks for workplace injury.
  5. i) Decrease Workplace Exertion: Exertion can lead to depression and concentration problems. Take your concerns about workplace Exertion to your seniors.

j) Put up The Perfect Safety Equipment: If you don’t wear the perfect safety equipment for a task, you may get injured. You should always take care of these all

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