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What is the Safety Profession



Safety professionals are very demandable now days
Learn What is safety profession and who s safety officer

What is the Safety Profession | Who is Safety Officer

The primary focus for the safety officer training is prevention of harm to people, property and the environment. Safety officer apply principles drawn from such disciplines as engineering, education, physiology, enforcement, hygiene, health, physics, and management.

They use appropriate methods and techniques of loss prevention and loss control. “Safety science” is a twenty-first century term for everything that goes into the prevention of accidents, illnesses, fires, explosions and other events which harm people, property and the environment, these safety science only acquired by best safety officer course institute in Patna.

The term “safety science” may sound new, but many sources of safety science knowledge are hundreds of years old. All of the following are knowledge areas of safety science:

  • Ergonomics helps people understand the- performance limits of humans and helps them design tasks, machines, work stations and facilities which improve performance and safety.
  • Environmental sciences providesknowledge about pollution sources and their control, waste disposal, impact studies, environmental (heat, light, irrigation, erosion, etc.), and ecologies substances.
  • Chemistry and biology provideknowledge about hazardous substances.
  • Physics tells people about electricityheat, radiation and other forms of energy that must be controlled to ensure safe use.
  • Psychology helps people understandhuman behaviors that can lead to or avoid accidents.
  • Physiology, biomechanics and medicinehelp people understand the mechanisms of injury and illness and how to prevent them.
  • Engineering, business management, economics, and even sociology and geology give people the knowledgenecessary to improve safety in our society and contribute to productivity and profitability.

Best Fire and Safety Officer Skill

The things that can cause or contribute to accidents, illnesses, fire and explosions, and similar undesired events are called “hazards.” Safety science gives people the ability to identify, evaluate, and control or prevent these hazards. Safety science provides management methods for setting policy in a company.

By applying safety training course, all of these activities can be effectively carried out. Without safety science, safety officer rely on guesswork, mythology and superstition. Safety Officer are must acquire the essential knowledge of safety science through education and experience so that others can rely on their judgments and recommendation. Top safety officer demonstrate their competence through professional certification examinations.



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